Caught on Tape: Shocking Video of Iranian Regime Cracking Down on Women!

This is a SHOCKING video captured inside the regime!!

The regime began detaining women this week for violating strict new Islamic dress code rules.
The mullahs are not winning any new friends on this one.

Kamangir links to a sad and shocking video talked about by blogger Malakut of police arresting a screaming woman for breaking the dress code. This is just a sad and horrible violation of women’s rights that is not getting much attention in the Western media.
(Video 1 minute 26 seconds)

** Kamangir translated what the Iranian woman is screaming while she is being arrested.

There are reports that already 150,000 women have been arrested or detained inside the regime for violating strict new Islamic dress code rules.

ADN Kronos reported- “An unspecified number of the women taken into custody were also forced to undergo psychological counseling for not wearing a proper veil.”


** Update: Stefania has pictures from Iran of brave women defying the regime that you will not believe.

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