Bush: "Democrats Are Undermining the Troops"

Finally… Bush BLASTS democrats for undermining the troops!

“Democrat leaders in Congress seem more interested in fighting political battles in Washington than providing our troops what they need to fight the battles in Iraq.”
-President George Bush, April 3, 2007-

U.S. President George W. Bush makes a statement on the Iraq war supplemental in the Rose Garden. (Reuters)

President Bush today blasted democrats for undermining the troops during a press conference in the White House Rose Garden.
FOX News Reports:


“Instead of passing clean bills that fund our troops on the front lines, the House and Senate have spent this time debating bills that undercut the troops,” Bush said from the White House Rose Garden.

The president defended his demands that Congress approve war funding with no timetable to withdraw combat troops from Iraq. Bush repeated his promise to veto legislation that includes a withdrawal timetable.

“I think the voters in America want our Congress to support our troops in harm’s way. They want money to the troops and they don’t want politicians in Washington telling our generals how to fight the war,” Bush said.

Bush’s statement comes a day after Democratic Sens. Harry Reid and Russ Feingold announced plans to introduce legislation to cut war funding and require troops to be redeployed within a year…

Meanwhile… Vice President Dick Cheney said Reid and Feingold’s plan would guarantee a loss in Iraq.

This speech today could have been made months ago. I’d say…
Cutting funding to the soldiers and marines in the field pretty much guarantees a defeat!

And, by definition, the president is on the mark with this one.

Bush also blasted democrats for the pork fat on the bill:

The only way the Democrats were able to pass their bill in the first place was to load the bill with pork and other spending that has nothing to do with the war.

Here’s what one leading Democrat in the House said, quote: A lot of things had to go into that bill that certainly those of us who respect great legislation did not want there.

Blogs for Bush has more defeatist words from Harry Reid.
HotAir has video during the question and answer session.

And, Rep. Sam Johnson, a veteran and former POW in Vietnam (VIDEO), shares a few words on a vocal antiwar democrat:

I respect him (Murtha) as an ex-Marine, but his thought process has gone in the wrong direction on this and I think he’s totally off base. I don’t know what’s made him go that way. As I said on the floor, Marines don’t quit, and I don’t know why he wants to quit in Iraq.

Ouch, Again!
Via Glenn Reynolds.

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