Where the Bushies Talked The Clintons Took Action

Again… There is a clear difference between the Bush Administration and the Clinton machine…

After the Evil Genious Karl Rove talked about firing all 93 US attorneys under President Bush- They didn’t.

And… after the Clintons talked about firing all 93 US attorneys under President Clinton to save a friend who was being investigated for corruption by one of the attorneys- They did.
(The Clinton friend was later jailed anyway.)

Powerline says it is a “scandal” that refuses to grow.
Flopping Aces sees another breakdown on the way.
Althouse notes the NYT’s obvious spin on the firings.
MacsMind offers a gift to the clueless Left:


Here’s a bug for those on the clueless left – the administration doesn’t have to tell anyone why they fire someone who serves at the expressed pleasure fo the President.

It probably wouldn’t hurt if the administration borrowed that line.

Surprise! Clinton Fired All 93 US Attorneys in 1993
MSM Tries to Spin Against Bush Attorney Firings

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