US Sends More Troops To Quagmire….. in Kosovo

“Troops Home Now!”

This story didn’t quite make national headlines…
The Albert Lea Tribune reported:

Now that the Albert Lea unit of the Minnesota Army National Guard is back from the Mexican border, the soldiers are being sent to Kosovo.

They will be part of the more than 400 Minnesota Army National Guard soldiers that are slated to support the Kosovo International Security Force. They will be responsible for NATO peacekeeping operations in Kosovo for one year, beginning this fall.

The deploying soldiers are from the 2nd Battalion, 135th Infantry Regiment headquartered in Mankato. The specific units mobilized are Headquarters and Headquarters Company in Mankato; Company A in West St. Paul; Company B in Rochester; Company C in Winona and Owatonna; Company D in Albert Lea and Company F, 334th Brigade Support Battalion in Austin.

After 10 years, isn’t it about time to bring the troops home from this quagmire?
Surely, democrats are working on a redeployment plan so that our troops can go fight the “real war on terror”.
Hat Tip Leucanthemum

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