Tikrit Commanders Make Appeal For Assistance

Pat Kerr, Missouri State Veterans Ombudsman, sent me a high priority request for assistance.

Pat has learned through her daughter Capt. Kate Numeric (pictured below with her son Abraham) that commanders in Tikrit are running out of certain supplies and DOD’s supply system is “log jammed” and unable to deliver them…

The supplies needed involve mostly printers, printer parts, printer, cartridges, paper etc. Here is a portion of Kate’s letter stressing the importance of these items:

— our jobs aren’t glamorous … we’re the UPS and the AAA Travel Service of the Army, and we keep track of everything that’s moving on the roads and provide the
truck drivers intelligence so they can be aware of the threats and know what to avoid. We provide clearances for convoys to leave our destinations (which are printed in triplicate to make their travel faster and more efficient), Hazardous Materials declarations (required to be in color) to put things on planes so they don’t have to be driven through IED-areas, we label items so they go from a spoke location to a hub to the right destination and the right addressee … it’s our
scanners and printers that end up providing copies of Soldiers’ leave paperwork so they can get out of the country and see family and friends. In essence, our jobs are very paper-driven, and in some cases, we’re using printers that were brought over for OIF 1 or 2 and have been in the sand and dust for 3 or 4 years now. I have one printer that we fix at least 3 times a week.

Preferably, they request that you send these items as soon as possible in generic looking “care packages” – the supply circumstances are so bad that if another unit senses the package contains printer material it may never get thru(?)

Pat also said If it is better to make a financial contribution, please make your check to Operation Outreach and 100% of it will go for these purposes.

Our state of Missouri address is:

Missouri State Veterans Commission,
205 Jefferson Street, 12th Floor,
Jefferson City, MO 65101
(Attn: Pat Kerr, State Veterans Ombudsman)

Specifically here is what is being asked for:

Unit 200 MCT needs:

2 desktop printers – any type [HP ink is the easiest to get here, even though you’ll see that it’s a pain to get as well!]

The Commander’s address is:

MAJ Cesar Santiago
200 MCT
CSC Scania
APO AE 09331

Capt. Kate Numeric in Iraq
Unit 958 MCT needs:

Ink: HP 96, HP 97, HP 94
Lexmark 12A7415
HP laser color printer 2550

The following light set parts are for a Magnum Products LLC Model MLT4060:

Bulb-1000W MH Short Length High Pressure Sodium Bulb
Mitsubishi V-Belt Alternator L3E
Assembly Ballast Box 3000 1000W HPS

4-2GB memory sticks/thumb drives

Their Commander’s address is:

Scott J. McLean
49th Trans BN
958 TC Det
LSA Anaconda
APO AE 09391

CPT Numeric’s unit needs:

Ink: HP 15A, 13X or 13A, Lexmark 1, Epson T40120 or 41020
12 CISCO 7960 VOIP phones (these are like $400 each)
2 – 60 GB networkable hard drives for information back up
3 – 2 GB thumb drives/memory sticks
3 – black & white printers
2 – color printers
1000 – 3.6v Lithium batteries (these go in the RF Tags that keep
track of all the cargo we move around)
2 – shredders (these are more business use than home-personal use —

We have to shred anything we print about routes, orders, convoy
movements, etc.)
36 * GE168 automotive light bulbs

Her address is:

CPT Katherine Numerick
535 MCT
COB Speicher
APO AE 09393

Hat Tip George Lauer

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