Surprise! CNN Embeds With Terrorist Youths in Colombia!

Different day- Similar Tricks!
More Terrorist Outreach at CNN.
Do you suppose the DNC will freak out and refuse to have their debates broadcast on CNN after this latest embed with terrorist youths in Colombia?

CNN’s Karl Penhaul gets the story from within a student terrorist group in Colombia.
(1 minute 15 seconds)

Colombian students use bricks and homemade explosives to protest President Bush’s upcoming visit. CNN’s Karl Penhaul reports (March 8).

Notice from the video that this attack was planned weeks earlier as Penhaul reports. Obviously, he did not go to the authorities with this news.


Although the students may have missed this at university…
The Colombian economy under the very popular Pro-American Uribe grew a robust 6.3% in 2006 nearly a full point above the average for the region.

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