Scientists Discredit Bogus Lancet Iraqi Death Study

Do you remember that outlandish Lancet Iraqi Death Estimate released before the 2006 election that claimed that there were over 660,000 violent deaths in Iraq since the war began.

To put this bogus report in perspective, that’s like:

* 3-10 Hiroshima atomic blasts
* 6-20 Nagasaki atomic blasts
* Or, 10 Dresden bombing campaigns


To freshen your memory, despite the fact that this report came up with results 10 Times higher than any other liberal investigation, the results from this bogus study are most often cited by democrats and liberals when asked about Iraqi War fatalities.

Well, months later, the Times Online finally tossed this bogus report into history’s dumpster of fraudulent liberal studies:

The statistics made headlines all over the world when they were published in The Lancet in October last year. More than 650,000 Iraqis – one in 40 of the population – had died as a result of the American-led invasion in 2003. The vast majority of these “excess” deaths (deaths over and above what would have been expected in the absence of the occupation) were violent. The victims, both civilians and combatants, had fallen prey to airstrikes, car bombs and gunfire.

Body counts in conflict zones are assumed to be ballpark – hospitals, record offices and mortuaries rarely operate smoothly in war – but this was ten times any other estimate. Iraq Body Count, an antiwar web-based charity that monitors news sources, put the civilian death toll for the same period at just under 50,000, broadly similar to that estimated by the United Nations Development Agency.

The implication of the Lancet study, which involved Iraqi doctors knocking on doors and asking residents about recent deaths in the household, was that Iraqis were being killed on an horrific scale. The controversy has deepened rather than evaporated. Several academics have tried to find out how the Lancet study was conducted; none regards their queries as having been addressed satisfactorily.

The study was overseen by epidemiologists at Johns Hopkins University’s Bloomberg School of Public Health, including Dr. Gilbert Burnham.

Gilbert Burnham last year expressed “great confidence” in the findings of his nutty report released less than a month before the ’06 elections.
Well, Gilbert was wrong.

And, now the scientific community has settled the controversy- The Lancet study was crap.
It’s too bad Johns Hopkins put their name on this trash. It certainly doesn’t make the institution look very good when they come out with studies that are about 1,000% off kilter.
Oh well.

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