Peaceniks Chant: "Bye, Bye GI… In Iraq You're Gonna Die!"

A collective of liberal protesters in Portland (communists, anarchists, atheists, democrats, socialists, radical gays, former hippies) gathered around a strung up effigy of a GI at a “peace” protest… torched it… and chanted…

“Bye, Bye GI… In Iraq You’re Gonna Die!”

The VIDEO is posted HERE and HERE.

Hat Tip Andy Stewart and Eric Klein


They followed that chant up with this one:

“Build a bonfire
Build a bonfire
Put the soldiers on the top.
Put the fascists in the middle,
And, we’ll burn the f**king lot.”

Has any liberal or democrat denounced these protesters?… Waiting.
Again, but… Please don’t question their patriotism.

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