Much Anticipated Turkish Film on Honor Killings Released

Turkish independent English Daily The New Anatolian reviews the much anticipated film release of “Mutluluk” (“Bliss”). The film is based on a popular Turkish novel on the barbaric custom of honor killings.
Here is a preview of the controversial movie:
(2 minutes)

The New Anatolian says that “Bliss” is not a story that is easily forgotten.
Via Stop Honour Killings:

There are many sad stories in societies where people torture each other, where there is intolerance. There is no need to go far, it is enough to just look around. The stories of young people in love that belong to families that are in a blood feud with each other, couples that are not allowed to get married as one is an Alevi and the other Sunni, and the “honor” executions of people whose only fault is to love each other.

Reading some newspaper articles is like an extract from a horror film scenario: The woman stoned to death by her own brother and cousins as she is in a love affair out of wedlock; a married couple from Antep who came to reconcile their family sprayed with bullets or numerous people killed due to their sexual preferences, are all living in the same geography.

At this point, “Bliss'” importance mounts one more time. Above all, it has something important to say which is made through a good cinematic feeling. Without a doubt every film should have a matter, but to tell it through cinema is the hardest part. That is why we crown the films that do it together.

For example while “Beynelmilel” (International) discusses a difficult subject like the Sept.12 military coup, not with a slogan but through cinematic language. “Bliss” on the other hand, is a film that everyone should see and one some fractions should watch to learn a lesson from.

“Bliss” is adapted from Zulfu Livaneli’s novel and is as effective cinema work as his novel, due to its flawless portrayal that focuses on an example of barbarity of this geography: “honor” killings. Especially the violence against women, legitimatize brutality by grounding it to customs, and families that murder their own children. Unfortunately, all of them are true, all of them have been experienced before and still continue to be.

“Bliss” is not a story that can be easily forgotten after being watched on the silver screen. Abdullah Oguz strengthens his success in directing with this film. Ozgu Namal, who plays the character Meryem, deserves heavy praises for her acting. Murat Han successfully portrays a man forced to choose between customs and his feelings, even though it is his first movie. This is definitely a film not to be missed.

Don’t look for Hollywood to come out with such a brave film anytime too soon.

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