More Good News From "The Iraqi Surge"…

The Iraqi media is reporting even better news than what was reported yesterday…
The following is a Haider Ajina translation of an article which appeared in both Marsad Iraq and Aswat Aliraq on March 14, 2007.

Sharp decline in attacks, killings and assassination in Baghdad

In a press conference held by General Kamber, commander of Baghdad operation and general Qasim Atta, spokesman for Baghdad’s operation “Rule of Law”. Atta gave a summery of the operation and comparisons to crimes committed during the same period in 2006. The operation started on Feb.14.2007.

The most important accomplishment of the operation “Rule of Law”:

1- Three homicide bombers killed before they could blow their cars up, in Baiaa & Sadar & Jame’ Bin Temimeh.

2- Arrest of Alqaida’s Mufti Hussein Medhat Haiali in northwestern Baghdad.

3- Ninety-Three terrorists killed, 713 terrorists arrested, and another 1152 suspects arrested.

4- Rescued 24 kidnapping victims; amongst them was Lieutenant General Thamir Sultan. Arrested 10 terrorists in Hai Aljihad. After interrogations, the suspects were found to belong to Alqaida.

5- 2000 returned to their homes in Hai Aladil, Intisar, Selman Pack, Alfadhil, Alrashdiah, and Rashid areas after they were forced to migrate.

6- Uncovered large caches of weapons and munitions in Aldorah area.

General Qasim Atta then started comparing data from 2/14/2006 to 03/14/2006 to data of incidences during operation “Rule of Law” 02/14/2007 to 03/14/2007. The following is the result of the data comparison:

1- The decline in murders (bodies found with no ID) by 28%. The health ministry and Police comandry have confirmed these numbers.

2- Car thefts are down 65% from 57 to 37. Twenty cars were stolen and seventeen were as a result of carjackings.

3- Assassinations have declined 95%. From 517 to 22.

4- Kidnappings are down 90% from 98 to 10.

5- Bombing crimes are down 38% from 163 to 102.

6- Car bomb crimes are down 36% from 56 to 36.

7- Mortar attacks are down 47% from 204 to 109.

8- Hand grenade attacks are down 70% from 10 to 3.

9- Katusha attacks are down 35% from 23 to 15.

10- RPG attacks are down from 6 to two attacks.

11- Deaths are down 85% from 1440 to 265 and wounded are down 77% from 3192 to 781.

12- Motorcycle bomb attacks are down 100%, 1 before and 0 now.

13- Terrorist arrests are up from 160 to 713.

14- Suspect’s arrests are up from 160 to 1152.

15- Terrorist attacks are down 84% from 94 to 19 incidences.

Haider Ajina comments:

Finally some solid statistics to show what operation “Rule of Law” or “Fardh Alqanoon” or what we know as the “surge”, is achieving. I have been hearing this from my relatives for about a month now, and now the first set of numbers are out.

I have not seen this news in any of our main media outlets. The Iraqis we have trained are taking the lead in much of this operation and our own forces are putting a tremendous effort in this operation. The recognition and thanks are mute.

We must show our appreciation, gratitude and pride in our men and women who are putting their lives at risk, sacrificing and relentless laboring to succeed in our mission in Iraq. It has been but one month and only in Baghdad that this operation has taken place.

The results are being felt in all of Iraq. Volunteers to join the Iraqi forces in Anbar provinces are the highest they have been since the liberation. Anbar province Tribes are banding together to fight Alqaeda and kick them out of their areas. Alqaida recruiting efforts are meeting resistance from locals in Anbar province, etc.

Once the “Rule of Law” plan takes stronger shape it will be expanded to the restive areas of Iraq in Anbar Province. Iraqi forces are showing that our training and equipment supplies are paying dividend. They are stepping up and taking charge, as they should.

In Basra the British are putting the final touches on handing over security to Iraqi forces in the second largest city and province in Iraq. The list of accomplishments is long it involves Agriculture, Industry, privatization; infrastructure development, employment, healthcare and economic improvement, etc.

These are not signs of weakness, loss or defeat, quite the contrary.

Haider Ajina

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