John Gibson Rips Leftwing Blogs for Their Sick Hate Speech

John Gibson ripped the leftwing blogs for the hateful vitriol today in his talking points segment, “My Word”.

John pointed out prominent leftwing blogs The Huffington Post, Think Progress and Daily Kos for their very hateful comments against conservatives- in particular, the rageful comments against Tony Snow when it was announced that his cancer had returned yesterday:
(3 minutes)

This about sums it up:

“Nothing illistrates the anger, bitterness and venom of the left than when someone on the Right becomes ill.”

Gibson goes on:

“It ought to be a great source of shame for the Left. These blogs are where a lot of the political energy of the Left is coming from and they reveal there is a rotten core at the center.”

By The Way…
HERE is the link if you would like to send your best to Tony Snow.

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