Joe Lieberman Speaks Truth to Power… Liberals Cringe

Now, here is a man that is more than just a politician…
And, he’s not out selling his vote for pork.
(BTW Eric Cantor has more on pork eating democrats.)

Joe Lieberman asserts correctly that their is no democrat running today who is “very strong and muscular on foreign and defense policy.”
Funny, Think Progress lumps this interview under their “radical right wing agenda” category. Fighting those who want to blow you up at a pet market is now a “radical right wing” phenomena, apparently.
C&L posted the MSNBC transcript:

O’DONNELL: Senator, you have broken with your former party, the Democratic Party, specifically on the Iraq war. There have been questions.

Can you rule out that you may switch to the Republican Party?

LIEBERMAN: I wouldn’t rule it out, but it’s certainly not my intention. It’s not my desire. You know…

O’DONNELL: What would cause to you switch to the Republican Party?

LIEBERMAN: Well, I’m not going to set any conditions. But, you know, my real hope here is to stay and fight for the kind of Democratic Party I joined when John F. Kennedy was president — which was progressive on domestic policy and very strong and muscular on foreign and defense policy.

We’re at war here.

O’DONNELL: But, Senator, arguably there’s not one Democratic presidential candidate that is espousing that particular position, right?

LIEBERMAN: So far, you’re right. I mean, obviously, it’ll be more than Iraq. It’ll be: How do they feel about Iran and the rest of the threats that we face?

But look, the central challenge to our security in our time is from radical Islam; the people who attacked us on 9/11.

And to be as direct as I can be, Norah, in this question of who I will support for a president, I’m going to wait until both parties have their nominees and I’m going to support the candidate that I think is best for our country, regardless of party.

And, obviously, the positions that they take on the war on terrorism will be very important to me.

Well, at least one democrat is not a McGovernite, but is sharp enough to know who the enemy is (not Bush) and is willing to fight it.

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