Islamophobia Reaches Philippines!

Sadly, Islamophobia has extended its ugly arms across the ocean waters…
Muslims are now banned from working in Filipino malls for fear of bomb attacks.
ADN Kronos reports:

Filipino Muslims are ‘basically’ banned by multi-millionaire shopping mall owners from working in their firms in the southern island of Mindanao for fear they might be used by al-Qaeda affiliated militants in launching terror attacks, members of the Islamic community have denounced. Michael Abellanosa, 24, who works for the ‘Premier’ shopping centre in Mindanao’s Koronadal town, told AdnKronos International (AKI) that his company is afraid to hire Muslim workers for security reason.

“They are afraid that Muslims will be used by terrorists in bomb attacks,” Abellanosa said.

There is no official data about the ratio of Muslims and Christians working in malls but, Abhoud Syed Lingga, executive director of the Institute of Bangsamoro Studies, told AKI that there is no need as “if you roam around Premier malls in the island, you can’t find any Muslims working there.”


The discriminatory approach was furher confirmed by Antonio Santos, a trader and a member of Mindanao Business Council, who admitted that mall owners are afraid to hire Muslims.

“They are afraid because of bomb attacks. But they should not marginalize the Muslims because not all of them are terrorists. I urge those victims of discrimination to file a formal complaint,” Santos told Adnkronos International.

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