Iraqis Optimistic- Refugees Return Home to Basra

A new poll indicates that Iraqis overwhelmingly prefer life today than under Saddam Hussein. Also, the people in Iraq understand that Iraq is not fighting a civil war.
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Haider Ajina sends the poll numbers.

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In other good news not reported by your media…
Refugees are returning home to Basra
The following is a Haider Ajina translation of an article which appeared in the two Iraq news agencies Al-Nejaf News & Al-Wataniah Al-Iraqiah on March 16 2007.

Nearly 40% of Families who left Basra have returned to their homes in Basra

President of the Sunni Accord southern Chapter Abdul Kariem Alkhzerji said to the Basra office of Al-Wataniah Al-Iraqiah, ‘Close to 40% of forcibly displaced families from Basra have returned to their homes in Basra province.

Alkhzerji told Al-Wataniah Al-Iraqiah, “there are a number of reasons behind the return of the displaced families in Basra. Chief of them is the relative calm and security, which is prevalent in the province. Second are the long lasting and historic relationships, which bond Sunni & Shiite Muslims to each other.”

Alkhzerji added, “The security operations carried out by the security forces in Basra province have a profound impact on reducing sectarian violence, hence the return of the displaced families to their homes. This occurred after the security forces took their role seriously and with no prejudice, by enforcing the law with no bias between one sect or the other.” He expressed his expectations in the increase in the number of families returning to their homes to above 40% in the next few days.

Haider adds these important comments:


The leader of the Sunni Accord in southern Iraq, where Sunnis are a minority, goes out of his way to announce this tremendous news. Not only does he confirm that security is good in Basra. That the mostly Shiite security forces are working hard to protect every one. That the security operations are being effective. He also point out the strong historical bond between Shiite & Sunni in Iraq.

How can Alkhzerji be describing what our media and some politicians are calling civil war?

Indeed, it is not civil war; indeed, it is not Sunnis Killing Shiite just because that is what they are. The violence in Iraq is about a small minority (who happen to be mostly Sunni) wanting to destabilize democracy and take away freedom from the rest of the Iraqis.

Be it Arab Muslim Sunni, or Muslim Shiite or Arab Christian or Kurd or Turkmen etc.. In order to provoke a group into violent and negative action one lures them into revenge. The terrorists are employing this mission in Iraq. They continually seek to provoke different sects to fight each other. This tactic was used by Hitler to gain most of his political power by the way. It is also the divide and concur tactic used by colonial Britain in the previous century.

In southern Iraq, Arab Muslims, Shiites & Sunnis have been living amongst each other and intermarrying for over 1200 years.

It is also in southern Iraq were the Sunnis, are a minority, that they feel the safest.

Haider Ajina

Jules Crittenden has more on how the American media is twisting the positive news from Iraq.

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