In Baghdad: Operation Enforce the Law Is Going Great

Iraqi-American Haider Ajina translates two articles today from the Iraqi news services. One is from Iraq’s Buratha News and the other is from Aswat Al Iraq (Voices of Iraq) respectively, on Wednesday March 7 2007:

Baghdad operation “Enforce the Law”, Seven terrorists killed and 120 arrested’.

Baghdad command of operation “Enforce the Law” announced today Wednesday, Iraqi security forces have killed seven terrorists and arrested 120 suspected terrorists over the last 24 hours. This happened in the area of Kergh, Kadhemiah, Mansoor, Rashied, Tajee and Abu-Ghreib. They added that Iraqi security forces have also disarmed a car bomb in Resafeh and disarmed three motorcycles in A’adhamiah in northern Baghdad. They also disarmed a bomb in mansoor in western Baghdad and impounded 17 civilian cars with no papers in various locations in Baghdad. Security forces uncovered a number of hidden weapons and munitions cash in various areas in Baghdad, most were in Kadhemiah and Mansoor. As to losses of Iraqi security forces during the last 24 hours, the press release mentioned four martyred and one wounded during armed clashes. Iraqi and U.S. troops have been involved in a large-scale operation, since mid-February, in a bid to quell bombings and sectarian violence in the Iraqi capital Baghdad.

And, from “Voices of Iraq”:

“Maisan province enrolls 17600 citizens in social security”

Maisan provincial director of social security announced today Wednesday that the number of those covered by provincial social security has reached 17600 citizens of men and women and of different ages. The director Asmail Alghrsan said his office will continue to process applications of those who qualify. Many of the locals are suffering from social problems brought about by previous wars. The province has tabulated many families who have lost a large number of their members during the Baathist rule. Alghrsan added that his office seeks to ease the application process. We are doing this by opening processing centers in city halls of the all the province’s cities. This will put them close to the people, so they need not travel to turn in their applications. This also reduces the burden on the central office.

The director added that the provincial social security office is under strict directions from the ministry to process all application in a fair and equitable manner. The payment per person is 50,000 Iraqi Dinars per month and paid quarterly.

Haider Ajina comments:

The above two articles give us a glimpse of different sides of what is going on Iraq. The task is enormous. Fighting the terrorist in Baghdad and Anbar province, providing security to eliminate revenge killings, and provide for those who have suffered from the Baathist rule.

The Baathists are obviously the root of almost all the of suffering in Iraq, first the abuse of the people while the Baathists ruled and now the terrorist acts to try to destabilize democracy in Iraq.

Operation “Enforce the Law” is going very well. I am trying to be cautious about my optimism, this is hard to contain when I hear the relief and hope in the voices of my relatives in Baghdad and what I read in the Iraqi press.

The faith in the Iraqi forces and the backing we are giving them is repopulating abandoned neighborhoods. Shiites are moving back to Sunni dominated neighborhoods and visa versa. Since our forces and the Iraqi forces are staying in the neighborhoods cleared or checked the people feel secure. The threat of killing by former Baathist, and their Alqaida supporters, of those who cooperate seems distant.

The support of the population in all neighborhoods, including Sadr city, is so strong that the security forces can not process all the information and tips they are getting from the locals.

Hidden weapons and bomb factories are being uncovered daily, and regularly, along with tips on possible car bombs etc. are just pouring in, non-stop. The population is taking ownership of the neighborhoods and turning the terrorists into the authorities. This is what we have been waiting for, 3 years now, people on mass giving up the terrorist in Iraq’s biggest city. Baghdad is a city of 3-5 million which sprawl for miles and miles, is the most challenging goal and now appears to becoming more secure every day. As the Iraqis and we arrest suspects, more forces and prisons are needed. To secure them and keep them there until they are put to trial. This is a new challenge to be overcome.

Maisan province is one of four Iraqi provinces under full Iraqi provincial control. Due to their security and calm, they are able to turn their attention to the victims of the Iran-Iraq and Kuwait wars and the Baathists brutality. The social security program is a big help and large cost for the Iraqi government. These types of programs are essential, lest the people fall under the spell of militant religious or political movements. This what the Mehdi army did to gain support, they provided social services as well as security and were able to gain much following. Now that the Iraqis and our forces provide security, the need for these organizations is no longer there. In Baghdad operation “Enforce the Law” is not only about security, it is also about bringing social services and governmental support for infrastructure, medical care and the unemployed. This multi service approach is working well, and will soon be implemented in other restive areas in Iraq.

Haider Ajina

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