Egypt, the In-Waiting Taliban, With American Taxpayers' Support

Hello, this is Freedom for Egyptians. I am so honored to blog via Gateway Pundit and be a guest here for a couple of days! I am a proud Egyptian and big fan of American freedoms!

Eliminating Taliban from the map and building up a new democratic Afghanistan do not mean curbing the evil of terrorism. The ideology of terrorism continues to thrive under regimes that crush citizens that believe in freedoms and enable terrorism through military and religious institutions. The United States army and the American families are paying dear prices to cut back the horrors of terror of the militant group in the battle fields, however, a monster of terrorism is mushrooming when innocent citizens fall victims to radical Islam institutions and state security machineries worldwide

During the past few weeks Egypt has set a record of lawsuits pertaining to radical Islam against innocent citizens. Prominent Feminist Writer Nawal el Saadawi flees Egypt after receiving threats of murder from Islamists who disagree with her writings. Saadawi supports women’s rights that she believes are not fully granted under the Islamic Shariaa (Jurisprudence). She and her husband have been true fighters of freedom in Egypt. Many might not have heard about them because what are highlighted in the media are the government and Muslim Brotherhood. In the 1980’s , she went to court over a “Hissba” lawsuit to forcefully separate her from her husband, Dr. Sherif Hetata, because she was declared by some Islamists as an atheist. In Islam, a Muslim person should be separated from his/her partner if proven be not a “true Muslim”, such an elastic term.

Last week news ran that she fled the country to Belgium to the United States for asylum. A woman in her 70s now is facing prison because of her last play and other issues related to her opinions on Islam. Her last play which was said to be depicting god and angels was confiscated last January in Cairo Book fair.

Today, the grand Sheikh of Al-Azhar, the Sunni religious institution in Egypt, approved suing Saadawi (in Arabic) for insulting God and Quran. If Islamists in Egypt are sending threats to Egyptian secular liberals, it is not a surprise, but for a state-run religious institution to criminalize progressive thinkers….
Last Thursday, Egyptian blogger Abdel Kareem was sentenced to four years in prison for insulting religion and the president of Egypt. This 22 year old guy’s only crime is that he dared to think and question Islam’s history and pillars. He is a supporter of the rights of minorities in Egypt (Copts, Christian Egyptians) and women. So many people regard him as an infidel for thinking different. He would have been saved if the government supports laws that consolidate freedom of expression.

Ibrahim Eissa, the editor of the Egyptian weekly Destour newspaper appealed this week against a one year jail sentence for insulting the president.

Popular Egyptian Journalist Eissa, whose newspaper was once shut down by the government for five years, was convicted of insulting President Hosni Mubarak with an article describing a lawsuit against the president.

Egypt receives 1.7 billion US dollars, the second highest financial aid from the US in the ME since the signing of the peace treaty between Egypt and Israel at Camp David.

If the American people’s money is not to support Egyptian democrats and progressive thinkers, what this money is intended for?

Only Free Nations Can Become True Allies to the United States. FFE.

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