Cindy Sheehan: "Stop this BullSh*t!"

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** Cindy Sheehan- “It’s like being in the shadow of the death star.” **

This speech could be a classic study for psychiatric students for years to come…
Democratic darling, Cindy Sheehan, belts out an unbelievably crazy speech today at the small antiwar rally in Washington DC.
(Google Video- 3 minutes)

Cindy spews pure crazy today at the small but nutty antiwar protest in Washington DC, via CSPAN:

40 years ago there was a march on the Pentagon and here we are 40 years later with a march on the Pentagon and another illegal and immoral war.

I don’t want to be marching when I’m 90 years old in 2047 in another illegal and immoral war.

Let’s stop this Bullsh*t, now!

Do you know why our countires get into these bullsh*t wars all of the time?
It’s for the corporations!

It’s for the corporations like Halliburton and Exxon and Blackwater and to make them rich.

It’s to line the pockets of George Bush and Dick Cheney and all the war criminals…

We’re here in the shadow of the war machine.

It’s like being in the shadow of the death star. (Huh?)

They take their death and destruction and they export it around the world.
We need to shut it down. We need to stop paying our taxes to fund this war.

Preach on nutty democratic darling!…
Preach on!


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Slapstick filmed the antiwar nuts in Denver.
Flopping Aces has a great roundup of the Pro-American protesters.
Democracy Project has reaction to Cindy’s rant.

Update: How pathetic! Not one national media outlet reported on this absolutely nutty speech and the cussing by Mother Sheehan.

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