Basra Welcomes Courageous Prince Harry With Open Arms

The people of Basra, Iraq’s second largest city, await with open arms for the third in line to the British throne, Prince Harry, to drop in…

In a region where the sons of leaders are used to a life of privelege, the people of Basra are enamored with the fact that Royal Prince Harry will be serving in their region.
Spero News reports:

In what may turn out to be the British Army’s biggest public relations success in Iraq, the announcement that Princess Diana’s youngest son is to be deployed for six months in the south has been greeted with considerable enthusiasm, at least in Basra.

In interviews conducted by IWPR, Basra residents gave various reasons for welcoming the prince, who will come as a serving officer with the Blues and Royals.

Some are impressed that a senior royal is willing to put his life on the line in such a dangerous country, and that Britain is willing to let him do so.

Others hope that as a royal rather than a politician, he might play some mediating role between the army and the people of Basra, where ten British soldiers have been killed and 60 injured in the past three months alone.

Accustomed to seeing the sons of their own leaders enjoying lives of privilege and comfort, they are surprised and pleased at the egalitarian approach of a British prince serving in the army like any ordinary citizen.

Nadhim al-Jabri, media manager for Basra regional council, said Prince Harry’s deployment to Iraq should be “a lesson to the leaders of the Arab peoples”. It is, he says, in sharp contrast to “Arab countries where the sons of officials and leaders have to be in important and high places”.

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