500 Terrorists Killed or Captured; Baghdad Violence Down 80%!

This news may put a damper on the democratic plan to fight Al Qaeda in the “Real War on Terrorism” somewhere near Okinawa so don’t look for it to make any headlines in the liberal media…
But it is still very important news from MNF-I:

In February, Iraqi and coalition forces conducted just over 200 operations against al Qaeda objectives, resulting — having killed over 100 terrorists and capturing over 400 terrorists.

Iraqi boys smile to US soldiers with the 82nd Airborne Divison conducting a house-to-house search operation with the Iraqi National Police in Baghdad, 07 March 2007. (AFP)

Meanwhile in Baghdad…
Deaths in February were down over 80% since the surge began!
The AP grudgingly reports:

In an upbeat assessment of the first 30 days of the security plan, Iraqi military spokesman Brigadier Qassim Moussawi said the number of Iraqis killed by violence in Baghdad since February 14 was 265, down from 1,440 killed in the previous month.

The number of car bombings, a favorite weapon used by suspected Sunni Arab militants fighting the Shi’ite-led government, was down to 36 from 56, Moussawi told reporters.

It’s funny how the media describes this great success… They obviously are not very impressed or they could have gone with the 80% figure- not that this is a shock to anyone.

This won’t make any headlines either…

Israel’s Prime Minister Ehud Olmert (R) and Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas shake hands during their meeting in Jerusalem March 11, 2007. Olmert on Monday warned the U.S. against a quick departure from Iraq, saying it would lead to instability in the region and undermine Washington’s ability to deal with emerging threats. (REUTERS/Omar Rashidi)

Powerline has more on what these numbers mean to the future of Iraq.

Word is… Nancy Pelosi is not amused.

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