Was It Love For "Daily Kos" That Finds John Edwards In This Jam?

Was it their lust for vile hate speech on Daily Kos that finds the Edwards wading through their current blog scandal?

Elizabeth Edwards was a frequent flyer at one of the Democrats largest and most offensive blogs, “The Daily Kos”. This may be why the John Edwards finds himself in this mess today.

Michelle Malkin mushpiles on John Edwards today… Watch the hair!
Theatrics at HotAir.

The New York Times tries to lump-a-dump all bloggers together in one pot of rotten stew!
No wonder they’re tanking.
Glenn Greenwald and Media Matters eke out a weak responses.

Terry Moran at ABC wonders… “Does John Edwards Condone Hate Speech?”
(Maybe no… but his wife does!)

Charles Johnson has the hateful Pandagon postings in question.

Fidelis Calls on Edwards to Dismiss Anti-Catholic Staffer

WASHINGTON — The national Catholic based advocacy group Fidelis called on former Democratic Senator John Edwards to dismiss his presidential campaign blogmaster Amanda Marcotte on account of her long record of anti-Catholic bigotry.

Fidelis President Joseph Cella stated: “John Edwards seems to be level-headed enough to realize it is in the best interest of his presidential campaign to immediately dismiss Amanda Marcotte from his staff given her history of vicious attacks on Catholics and the Catholic Church, and cut all ties to her.”

Marcotte was recently hired by the Edwards campaign to coordinate his outreach to voters and activists through the internet. Through her blog Pandagon, Marcotte has used vulgar and profane laden language to describe the church doctrine of the Immaculate Conception and the Holy Spirit, and derisively referred to Pope Benedict XVI as a “dictator.”

“Keeping such a anti-Catholic staffer on his payroll will do significant damage to John Edwards as he seeks to court voters in the heavily Catholic states like Pennsylvania, New Hampshire and Michigan,” Cella said.

In the month before she was hired by the Edwards campaign, Marcotte wrote that the Catholic Church’s teaching against the use of contraception forced women to “bear more tithing Catholics.”

Cella added: “Amanda Marcotte’s writings clearly show she harbors a deep hatred toward Catholics and the Catholic Church. We call on John Edwards to send a powerful message and reject this type of mean-spirited anti-Catholic bigotry.”

Fidelis is a Catholic-based advocacy organization working with people of faith across the country to defend and promote the sanctity of life, traditional marriage, and the right to religious liberty by electing pro-life, pro-family and pro-religious liberty candidates, supporting the confirmation of judges, and promoting and defending laws consistent with the Founding principles of the United States.

Salon is reporting that Edwards fired the two nutroot’s bloggers in question.

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