Three Student Bombers on One Bike Hit Pothole… Ka-Boom!

Sadly, the pothole was the last thing the bomb-carrying, bike-riding seminary students expected.

In Pakistan… Potholes save lives.

Pakistani policemen inspect the site after a bombing incident in Chichawatni, 120 km (75 miles) from Multan, February 24, 2007. Three members of a suspected suicide bomb team were blown to pieces on Saturday when their bike laden with explosives hit a bump outside a town in Pakistan’s central province of Punjab, police said. (REUTERS/Asim Tanveer)

On their way to explode a cattle market the bombers blew up when they ran into a patch of bumpy road.
AP reports:


The men apparently wanted to plant the device at the main cattle market in Cheecha Watni, 60 miles east of Multan, a city in the eastern province of Punjab.

“We believe that these two terrorists wanted to target the cattle market, where hundreds of people were present to buy or sell goats and other animals at the time,” said Mohammed Bashir, a local police chief.

One passer-by was slightly injured when the bomb went off, he said.

Police and other security agencies have been on alert following the Jan. 26 suicide attack outside a five-star hotel in Islamabad that killed a guard. On Feb. 17, a suicide bomber killed 15 people — including a judge — after blowing himself up inside a courtroom in a southwestern city of Quetta.

More: Tom Pechinski passes on that the three bombers were SEMINARY STUDENTS!!!

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