The Return of the Copperhead Democrats

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Famous Copperhead Democrats yesterday and today…

Democratic leaders John Murtha, on far left, and General George B. McClellan, on right.

This week we see the official return of the Copperhead democrats…
Today’s democrats are fortunate that Abraham Lincoln is not here today to observe their non-binding resolution. He didn’t put up with the “peace” democrats back in 1862…


As the Civil War started, in the very beginning of Lincoln’s presidential term, a group of “Peace Democrats” or Copperheads proposed a peaceful resolution to the developing Civil War by offering a truce with the South, and forming a constitutional convention to amend the U.S. Constitution to protect States’ rights… Lincoln suspended habeas corpus throughout the nation and had many copperhead democrats arrested under military authority because he felt that the State Courts in the north west would not convict war protesters such as the copperheads.

…He wouldn’t put up with them today either.
Hat Tip Andy Stewart

Democrats have reached new depths since their Chicago Platform back in 1864.

Back in 1864, hundreds of thousands of the countries’ best and bravest young men had fallen on the fields of Bull Run, Antietam, Shiloh, and countless more.
That was back when democrats were willing to sacrifice for their country.

Obviously, the democrat’s willingness to sacrifice was much greater back in 1864…

…Than it is today.

Back in 1864, the United States was losing 3,846 soldiers per month.
Compare that to today where these great United States have lost 3,100 soldiers in four years!

Back in 1864, they ran on a plan to “cut and run” and compromise with their enemies much like they are promoting this great nation do today in Iraq (and then Afghanistan).

They called this the “Chicago Platform”:

Rudy Giuliani may have put it best describing this week’s events in Congress:

“In the business world, if two weeks were spent on a nonbinding resolution, it would be considered nonproductive,” Giuliani told the lunch crowd, setting off a burst of laughter.

It makes sense that one of today’s vocal democratic defeatists would announce his candidacy for president in Illinois.

Defeatist Barak Obama had the right state when he announced his run for president this past week.
But… He had the wrong Illinois city.

Barak needed to bring his show to a platform in Chicago…

And, let Abe Lincoln rest in peace in Springfield, Illinois!

Update: I removed the questionable quote published in the Washington Times. Instead, I added the more relevant points sent in by Andy Stewart. Thanks.

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