The New Copperhead Democrats Set National Sacrifice Standard

“…And the public welfare demand that immediate efforts be made for a cessation of hostilities.”

Democratic Party Platform

Today’s Copperhead democrats have set a new standard for maximum national sacrifice in confronting international enemies at 3,133 (2/17/2007).

After nearly four years of battle this is the official number of fatalities from the War in Iraq. Never before in American history have we seen such low casualty numbers.

Famous Copperhead Democrats… yesterday and today…

If America would have used today’s copperhead standard at previous points in US history:

* D-Day would have been called off before noon.
(6,603 US losses)
* Unlike what dopey John Murtha says, Iwo Jima would have been called off after about 14 days.
(6,825 lost in 37 days)
* The Battle of the Bulge would have been called off before its 7th day.
(19,276 lost -not counting missing- in 40 days)
* The Battle of Gettysburg would not have lasted past noon the first day.
(23,055 Union losses in three days)

Notice from the Thomas Nast poster above (Click On It to Enlarge) that today’s Democratic Party is borrowing a line from the 1864 Chicago Platform:

“…And the public welfare demand that immediate efforts be made for a cessation of hostilities.

The sad thing is that this time the copperheads were voted in.

Bruce Kesler has more on the “Party of Defeat.”
Instapundit notes that unlike the copperheads, most Americans want to win in Iraq.

Dr. Sanity takes a look at “Today’s Benedict Arnolds”.
Hat Tip Larwyn
More on the Defeatocrats at Let Freedom Ring.

Time Traveling With Today’s Democratic Party

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