Spanish Marxists and Palestinian Sympathizers Protest NATO

Once again, Marxists, “peace” protesters and anti-Israeli groups joined together in a protest against Western society and institutions. This week the protesters marched to show their disgust for NATO in Seville, Spain.

Protesters attend a demonstration against NATO in central Seville February 4, 2007. The NATO defence ministers’ meeting will be held in Seville from February 8-9. (REUTERS/Marcelo del Pozo)

Demonstrators carry a giant Palestinian flag during an anti-NATO protest in Seville, Spain, Sunday, Feb. 4, 2007. Several hundred protesters marched through the streets of of Seville to protest a NATO Defence Ministers meeting in Seville, Spain, next Feb. 8-9. (AP Photo/Javier Barbancho)

No good Leftist protest is complete without its mock prisoner in an orange jumpsuit…

A demonstrator dressed in a military uniform performs a mock-execution during an anti-NATO protest in Seville, Spain, Sunday, Feb. 4, 2007. (Yahoo)

Never mind that shooting terror prisoners in the head is not standard US protocol, it makes for good theatrics.

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