Screaming "Allah Is Great" Mob Attacks Turkish Director On Set

The Turkish mob was upset that the Yarali Yurek TV series showed scenes of rape and violence in the name of honor.

So the radical islamist mob went and beat the director and his assistant with clubs and stones and destroyed the set.

An angry mob of radicals rushed the set of “Yaralı Yürek” and bashed the director and his assistant with clubs and stones because they were not happy that the show aired scenes of rape and violence in the name of honor!
-Via the Yareli Yurek blog

Local residents were also uncomfortable about the violent content of the series and alleged it misrepresented the region.- Turkish Daily News

YouTube has video (HERE) from the destroyed set and hospital after the mob attack.
Stop Honour Killings website reported this news from Turkey on Sunday:

Attack on the set of a series that angered Turkish city of Sanliurfa

Chanting “Allah is greatest,” a group attacked the set of the Yaralı Yürek television series, and beat the director and his assistant with clubs and stones.

A group attacking the set of the Show TV serial “Yaralı Yürek” (Wounded Heart) in Şanlıurfa beat the show’s director Özer Kızıltan and his assistant Celal Çimen and destroyed the set. Seven people involved in the incident were arrested.

The series had allegedly angered the people of the city since it aired scenes of a rape and violence in the name of honor, shared by the lead players Vildan Atasever and Serdar Özer. The 30-odd people came to the set in Kızlar village approximately 25 kilometers from Şanlıurfa argued with director Kızıltan and his assistant. When the argument turned into a fight, the group beat the director and his assistant with clubs and stones, and broke a camera. The group then fled the scene.

As Kızıltan and Çimen were taken to Şanlıurfa State Hospital for treatment, security began an inquisition and it was later learned that seven people had been arrested in connection with the incident.

With several wounds on his body and broken teeth, Kızıltan said, “Around 30 people attacked us, shouting “Allah is greatest.”

Most of them were bearded. They shouted “you’ve soiled Şanlıurfa’s honor.” They pulled guns. We were lucky to survive, we could be dead now, they beat us with clubs to within an inch of our lives.” Asked if the series would continue, Kızıltan responded “We haven’t yet decided. We’ll assess the situation later.”

The Turkish mob beat the director with clubs and stones.
-Via the Yareli Yurek blog

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