Richard Engel: NBC's Other Far Left Reporter & Arkin Buddy

What is this Far Left anti-American loon doing reporting from Baghdad for NBC?

Granted, he did one pro-military piece in his years of reporting from Iraq, but have you ever looked at the rest of his Far Left drivel?

Richard Engel, the Far Left MSNBC Baghdad correspondent claimed “all of the US troops he talked to say it’s time to end this war.”
It’s not the first time he’s offered his anti-American views from Iraq by a long shot.

** July 2003- L. Brent Bozell III reported in the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review Richard Engel’s reaction to the death of Uday and Qusay:

When American forces killed Saddam’s evil sons, Uday and Qusay, in July of 2003, the press reported the news as a P.R. disaster. NBC’s Richard Engel said the display of their bodies was “offensive to Muslim sensibilities.”

** October 19, 2005 before the Iraqi Constitutional vote, Engel reported:
(Via Media Research Center)

NBC’s Richard Engel growled online that the new constitution was “a deeply flawed document, peppered with religious slogans, and leaves plenty of room for Shiites and Kurds to govern themselves.”

** October 26, 2006 NBC News
Via NewsBusters:

NBC anchor Brian Williams claims: “He is completely unbothered by any Web site that may have problems with his reporting while he’s over in Iraq dodging bullets. . . . He is the most agenda-less person I’ve met in our business, I think, in the past 20 years.”

Later in the article Richard Engel admits, “I think war should be illegal,” he says. “I’m basically a pacifist.” Then he continues, “One time I watched a dog carry a severed human head in its mouth. You’re smelling bodies, you’re seeing people who are so angry and insanely distraught. The people who are being killed are too old, too stupid, too poor, too young or too weak, socially or otherwise, to leave.

** January 1, 2007- Engel reported this on the hanging of genocidal despot Saddam Hussein,

“It was a major public relations blow for the US administration and the Iraqi government which have been trying to show the world that Saddam Hussein received impartial justice.”

** February 9, 2007- On NBC Nightly News Engel claims the soldiers all told him it is time to end this war:
(Via NewsBusters)

“The soldiers eventually decided to monitor the sermon from a rooftop. They all told me it’s time to end this war. And, Brian, the soldiers also asked why it seems from here there are no plans to end the war, just discussions of battle tactics. Brian?”

It’s no wonder then that Engle’s buddy William Arkin went off the deep end when Engel put out a rare pro-military piece on January 26 reporting that US soldiers were disturbed by criticism of the war back home. After all, it was out of character for his antiwar buddy.

At least NBC is consistent.

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