Racist "60 Minutes" Asks Obama About "Crazies With Guns"

Because he’s black… 60 Minutes asks Barak Obama if he is scared of “those crazies with guns!”

The Obamas on 60 Minutes

Drudge reports that the Obamas will be on 60 Minutes Sunday night. This will be Barak’s first interview after he announces his candidacy which he will do today in Illinois. From the softball interview:


Obama’s wife also addresses the race issue when asked by Kroft whether she fears for her husband’s life as a black candidate. “I don’t lose sleep over it because the realities are that… as a black man… Barack can get shot going to the gas station,” says Michelle Obama. “You can’t make decisions based on fear and the possibility of what might happen.”

It’s really not clear what Michelle Obama meant by that strange response. There could be several possibilities. You can decide for yourself.

CBS has a video clip from the interview.

But, the response by Michelle Obama is not as strange as the racist question by Steve Kroft of 60 Minutes who asks the Obamas:

“This is a tough question to ask, but a number of years ago Colin Powell was thinking about running for president and his wife really did not want him to run. She was worried about some crazy person with a gun. Has that been a factor. I mean have you talked about that?”

Where is 60 Minutes coming from?
I am hoping they are not suggesting some racist white man with a gun is going to shoot Obama because he’s black. Please, tell me he didn’t just ask that!
Does “60 Minutes” know anything about race crimes by the way?
From the black on black crime coalition:

While African Americans comprise 12% of the U.S. population, 45% of all murder victims in 2002 were African American, 91% of whom were killed by African Americans. Nationally, homicide is the leading cause of death for black men and second leading cause of death for black women ages 15-24.

Here’s a much earlier statistic on race crimes:

Most victims of race crime—about 90 per cent—are white, according to the survey “Highlights from 20 Years of Surveying Crime Victims”, published in 1993.

More on race violence from 1999:

Blacks are therefore up to 250 times more likely to do criminal violence to
whites than the reverse.

More race crime figures from 2005:

Although Jesse Jackson and Bill Cosby wring their hands over black-on-black mayhem, blacks actually commit more violent crime against whites than blacks. A black is about 39 times more likely to do violence to a white than the other way around, and no less than 130 times more likely to rob a white.

I suppose that I will be called racist for pointing this out. But, is Obama really more of a target because he is black?
Obviously, the gasbags on “60 Minutes” have much to learn.
“60 Minutes” ought to apologize… to the Obamas and to their audience!

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