Nutroots Bloggers Prove Sage Malkin As Prophet

The Washington Post wrote an article about Michelle Malkin today.
“A Hard Right Punch”

Michelle Malkin says:

“…you get a lot of ugly, hysterical, unhinged attacks…”

I thought I’d count to ten and let the tinfoil hats heat up.
This ought to be fun…

Leading off- Sadly No:

What I’m trying to say, Howie, is that Michelle Malkin is a first-class wacko. This is not even a debatable point. But instead of challenging her with peoples’ legitimate criticisms of her “work,” you let her blather on about the random assholes who have left racist comments about her in blogs. Bloody hell. By letting her whine incessantly about the evil, nasty, unhinged wiberal bwoggers, you let her off the hook for all the crazy-assed crap she’s done over the last few years. Stop being a chump, homey.

Rising Hegemon:

Pointing out that Michelle Malkin is an unbelievable racist who repeatedly hits below the belt, is intellectually dishonest, and has a distended jaw capable of swallow moderate-sized livestock whole makes me…

THIS ONE IS A CLASSIC FOR THE AGES– From the vile anti-Catholic blogger Shakespeare’s Sister:

“…considering Malkin herself has published people’s addresses, and considering she was just part of the rightwing smear machine that accused me of anti-Catholic bigotry with no bloody evidence, not just on her blog but on The O’Reilly Factor, you’ll have to forgive my incredulity at the tone and timing of this story.”


Oh, Howard. How could you.
You provide a nice little platform for the woman who pushes the most hateful, racist propaganda from the far right into the media.

Harry’s Place:

Slash-and-burn conservative blogger Michelle Malkin– who gets full-fledged feature treatment in Friday’s Washington Post– is an occasional linker to this blog… One result of this sort of conversion seems to be a kind of politics motivated by hatred of liberalism (real and imagined) as much as by a commitment to conservative values.

Howard Kurtz may be a bit off on Michelle’s monthly traffic.
See-Dubya has more.

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