MUST SEE!… Amazing Iraqi "No Terror" Campaign Ad

You don’t need to speak Arabic to understand this video…

This is an amazing anti-terrorism ad running on Iraqi television!
Produced by
(1 minute in length)

Andy Stewart writes:

This email is from my Iraqi friend Aqeel. He sent me a fantastic anti-terrorism ad running on Iraqi television. Aqeel is a secular Iraqi from a Shia Muslim home.
He is studying engineering at Baghdad University and has had friends killed, by suicide bombers, but he says he continues to go to college to “defy the terrorists” and make his future better.
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From Acqeel:

hi andy ,

how are you? new great anti terroresem psa know on the iraqi and some arabic satalite channels, its show that evrything get bad when the terrorest pass near by it. download its from this site

Here is the direct link to the ad.
And, here is more from the “No Terror” Organization:


Our mission is to expose the fallacy of the distorted and politicized Islamic teachings used by ungodly extremists to sanctify and justify terrorism.
It has become crucial to inform the Muslim and Arab people -particularly the Iraqi people- about the deceptions terrorists employ in distorting the peaceful teachings of Islam.
These terrorists, who claim to follow the Islamic Faith, are in truth only drowning in an abyss
of mistaken beliefs.

Right on!
Haider Ajina offers this feedback on the Iraqi ad:

Fantastic ad!
The first quote is from the Quran Sura 2 (Albakarah or Cow) verse 229 the ending of the verse “if any do transgress the limits ordained by God, such persons wrong (them selves as well as others)”

Then they writing in Red “Terrorism has no religion”

This is an excellent tool. Using verses from the Quran to combat what the terrorist say is in the Quran. This is the best and strongest way to combat the terrorist. I wish our officials and people with media access used this same tool. A westerner quoting from the Quran to defame Terrorist is a most powerful tool.

By the way regarding the comment about the Passion of Christ.
The Movie was a very big hit in the Arab and Muslim world. They stood in ques around blocks to wait to buy tickets. Christ is revered by Muslims. To be a Muslim one must also believe in Christ.

I stand corrected.

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