Murtha Bumbles Facts of War… Media Remains Snookered

The cost of war may be a big talking point for democrats but do they have any idea what they’re talking about?
…And, will the liberal media ever question them on this?

“Cost of War” chart from “Iraq Not Breaking the Bank” by Jerry Bowyer at NRO.

Murtha facts:
Back in December 2005, the antiwar hawk John Murtha said:

It’s (the war) costing $6 billion a month.

John Murtha later claimed on Sunday June 18, 2006:


The war was costing $8 billion dollars a month.

A week earlier in June 2006, Murtha suggested:

The war cost $9 billion a month.

In July 2006, Murtha signed on with democrats denouncing the Iraq War and declaring:

“…the tab is growing by $3 billion every week ($12 billion per month), the Democratic leaders wrote.”

Today (February 15, 2007) the liberal hawk said in an interview with

We’re spending 8.4 billion dollars per month.

Really… Does Murtha have ANY IDEA how much the War in Iraq is costing?

* * * * *
The total estimated cost of the terror attacks on 9-11 that lasted all of around two hours: $639.3 billion and 2 million jobs

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