More Air-ogance! Pelosi Calls For Mandatory Action to Control Global Warming!

UPDATED BELOW- …”Pelosi claims this whole brouhaha started only because she is a woman!”

More Air-ogance!
Speaker Pelosi called for “mandatory action” to reduce greenhouse gas pollution today…
While talk continued on the Speaker’s demands to fly coast to coast in a luxury airliner.

Representative Eric Cantor called out the Speaker during the debate of HR547 on Global Warming and the “Pelosi One” controversy:
(2 minutes)

Representative Eric Cantor (R-Virginia) led off debate today on the House floor on Speaker Pelosi and the request made by her office:


A request was made by the office of the Speaker for a plane that according to the Air Force has a game room, a state room, entertainment center, bedroom, shower and seats 42-50 people. Now Mr. Chairman, I hardly think that these amenities help with security.

Again, HR 547 is about finding ways to shift our nation’s patterns of fuel consumption. We hear a lot of talk about doing everything we can to achieve energy independence and there’s a lot of talk as well about stopping global warming. In this context Mr. Chairman, these reports and the underlying request by the office of the Speaker is an extravagance of power. It is something that the tax payers won’t swallow and I urge the passage of this amendment.

Rep. Cantor wasn’t through…
Here is more from Rep. Cantor on the House floor.

Earlier in the day the White House defended Pelosi over the plane controversy… Which is one reason why the Republicans are the minority party today.

Update: Pelosi says she is being discriminated against because she is a woman!
KTRE reported:

Pelosi charged that the Pentagon is treating her request for a military plane differently than that of her predecessor because she is a woman.

The Speaker told gathered reporters, “As a woman, as a woman speaker of the House, I don’t want any less of an opportunity than male speakers when they have served here,” implying a sexist undertone to the recent criticism.

Update 2: Murtha threatens to cut military funds over “Air Pelosi”:

Murtha said he is convinced the Pentagon has been leaking information about the possibility that Pelosi would use large military planes to make her look bad. But he said, “They’re making a mistake when they leak it because she decides on allocations for them,” referring to the Pentagon budget.

Hat Tip Cornhusker
RedState says it is time to Stop the Free Ride.

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