Maliki: "The World Expects Us to Win"

At least the man in charge has faith!
That’s more than you can say for democrats or the mainstream news.
Iraqi Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki is calling to speed up final preparations for the security surge on Baghdad:

BAGHDAD, Feb 6 (Reuters) – Iraqi Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki called on his military commanders on Tuesday to speed up preparations for a security crackdown in Baghdad which he announced nearly a month ago…

“I call on you to quickly finish the preparations so that we don’t disappoint people,” he told Iraqi generals, assuring them they would be free to operate without political interference.

Maliki has said previously the operation will target militants regardless of their religious persuasion, answering criticism that a previous crackdown failed because his Shi’ite-led government stopped U.S. troops going after Shi’ite militias.

“Either we all win, or we all lose. The whole world is watching us and expecting us to win,” he told the generals.

Well, let’s not stretch things too far…
The “whole world wants you to win” except for democrats, The New York Times, most Europeans, and mainstream news outlets.
Besides that, the world wants Iraq to win.

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