Left Finally Admits Murtha Undermines Troops and President Bush

Via Instapundit and The Victory Caucus:

MoveCongress.org admits what the rest of us knew all along…

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The Left’s admission:


Chairman Murtha will describe his strategy for not only limiting the deployment of troops to Iraq but “undermining” other aspects of the president’s foreign and national security policy. Chairman Murtha discusses these steps in a videotaped conversation with former Congressman Tom Andrews (D-ME), the National Director of the Win Without War coalition, sponsor of MoveCongress.org.

Well, at least they are finally admitting what was obvious to the rest of us for months now.

More… Democrats stifle debate on Iraq…
Democrats are going to put forward an Iraq resolution that benefits them politically, while preventing any debate or resolutions in areas that—while popular—don’t fit their agenda.
Roll Call writes:

Practically everyone agrees that the Iraq War is the top issue on America’s agenda. So, it’s unfortunate that Democrats running the House have decided to block full, robust debates on the conflict. […] In the House, Democratic leaders have violated their oft-stated promise — made when they were in the minority — to allow open rules and full debate on legislation if they took control of the chamber. After first indicating last week that Republicans could offer an alternative war resolution, Democrats changed their minds and pushed through a closed rule allowing Republicans only to offer a motion to recommit the Democratic measure to the International Relations Committee.

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