John Howard Not Backing Down From Obama Remarks (Video)

It’s no secret that Al Qaeda wanted Republicans out of office

…But still, the comments by Prime Minister John Howard have democrats fuming.
But, Howard did not back down today:

“If America is defeated in Iraq, the consequences for the West will be catastrophic.”

Australian Prime Minister John Howard
February 12, 2007

Prime Minister John Howard stood firm today defending his remarks on Obama and asking how an American loss in Iraq could possibly help Australia.
Here is how John Howard answered his critics in Parliament today:
(ABC News video- 45 seconds)

Opposition candidate Kevin Rudd attacked Howard over his remarks although Al Qaeda and several enemies of America celebrated the democratic wins in November. This is not anything new.
The Sydney Morning Herald reports:

Mr Rudd said it was a most serious charge to accuse the party of Franklin D Roosevelt, Harry S Truman and John F Kennedy of being the terrorists’ choice.

“It is never in this country’s interest to have that kind of generic criticism made,” Mr Rudd said.

The Democratic Party already controlled the house and senate in the United States and in a year and a half might control the White House as well, Mr Rudd said.

Republican Senator John Cornyn spoke out against Bush supporter Prime Minister Howard.
It probably would have been a better use of his time if he would have looked into the many times that the Australian opposition has attacked US President George W. Bush. But, instead he placed his support with democrats. This is just one of the reasons Republicans are in the minority today.

Meanwhile… Barak says the lives of those killed in Iraq were “wasted”.
…Not so presidential!

John Howard: “Al Qaeda Is Praying For a Democratic Win.”
John Howard Slams Al Qaeda’s Favorite Party (Video)

This was from amr:

I sent P.M.Howard an E-mail thanking him. As a traditionalist, I would normally defend, and have done so face to face with foreigners before, when they verbally attack American officials or my country. However, Mr. Obama and so many other Democrats have moved so far down the road of appeasement with our mutual enemies who wish to destroy our countries, that the Left does not deserve anymore my defense for their statements and actions. I refuse to sign on to the suicide pact being developed in Washington D.C.

Update: You could have guessed this…
The Illinois senator with a Far-Left voting record who likes telling off our staunch allies, is now being called a “centrist” by our liberal media!

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