John Edwards Ponies Up

While John Edwards was detained…

…A major controversy was brewing over at f***ing campaign headquarters.
Jeff Goldstein says it best on the faith-haters working for Edwards:

Of course it was her intent. Just as it was McEwan’s intent. And worst of all, Edwards knows it. That he has pretended to take the two at their word, in an ostentatious gesture of “trust,” is precisley the kind of staged treacle that makes people doubt the sincerity of politicians; and that both Marcotte and McEwan have assured their own personal Patriarch that they’ll behave, now that he’s promoted them to the grownups’ table, is, to put it bluntly, one of the most pathetic public surrenderings of personal integrity I’ve ever seen.

Edwards and Marcotte deserve each other, as far as I’m concerned. A presidential candidate who tries to sell me on the fact that Marcotte and her group of shrieking ill-tempered character assassins had no intent of maligning anyone—all for a bump in the DailyKos straw poll—is a charlatan and a waffling opportunist.

Today, Edwards finally ponied up…
Edwards says he will keep the foul-mouthed nutroot bloggers on the payroll.

The Anchoress reports that the Edward’s “Blogmistress is not fired.”
Powerline has more.
Catholic League President William Donohue laid the blame at the blogger’s feet.
Pajamas Media has a roundup of blogger reaction.

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