In Their Latest Web Magazine: Al Qaeda Wants Your Feedback

After more than a year’s absence, Al Qaeda resumed its monthly web publication promising new attacks and asking for feedback from you, their faithful readers!

…The homicidal terrorist organization wants you to know that your opinions matter!

Today marks the return of Al Qaeda’s publication, Sawt al-Jihad [Voice of Jihad]- the Thirtieth Issue.
SITE Institute reports on this 30th edition of Sawt al-Jihad (Voice of Jihad):

This issue, 56-pages in length, contains fifteen articles, not including sections with readers’ contributions and messages/responses, which cover subjects pertaining to jihad, Mujahideen operations, martyrs, and scholars. The Abqaiq oil refinery suicide attack from February 2006 is featured throughout the magazine, some pieces concentrating on individuals involved, and another, titled: “Bin Laden and the Oil Weapon”, discussing this incident, as well as the impact of the Mujahideen targeting oil vis-à-vis America’s dependence upon this resource, and future targets on oil producing countries.

Introducing the magazine is Abu Malik Muhammad bin Abdullah al-Nasser, who lauds the return of Sawt al-Jihad as that which serves as a podium for the Mujahideen to reveal facts and dispel falsity. He announces that specific operations have been planned to target Americans, British, and their “henchman” in Saudi Arabia, aiming to “clean the Arabian Peninsula from the filth of the polytheists and the Crusader bases that spread in the whole of the Arabian Peninsula, the birthplace of Islam and the home of the message.”

Abu Malik also addresses the Emir of al-Qaeda, Usama bin Laden, assuring that the Mujahideen still continue on the path of jihad. Further, he sends greetings to the Islamic State of Iraq and its leaders, Abu Omar al-Baghdadi and Abu Hamza al-Muhajir, stating that the Mujahideen in Saudi Arabia spiritually fight alongside their brothers in Iraq.

Al Qaeda threatens attacks on ALL oil producing countries that supply the US:


Thus, the article encourages the Mujahideen to continue to follow bin Laden’s directives and strike oil targets not only in Saudi Arabia, but elsewhere. Substitute sources for oil, like Canada, Mexico, and Venezuela are cited, to which the author writes: “we should strike petroleum interests in all areas which supply the United States, and not only in the Middle East, because the target is to stop its imports or decrease it by all means. Targets, Bassam points out, should be oil fields, pipelines, loading platforms and carriers, which he believes will ultimately choke the U.S. economy.

ADN Kronos notes that Al Qaeda is looking for feedback from you the reader and even offers a webpage for your comments!

** These latest Al Qaeda threats make you wonder what democratic members of Congress are thinking when they continually vote against US oil independence.

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