Happy Valentine's… Er, "The Prophet Mohammed's" Day

Egyptian Muslim students get creative… Propose to change Valentine’s Day to The Prophet Mohammed’s Day.
ADN Kronos reports:

A group of Muslim students and activists has suggested that Saint Valentine’s Day – the traditional celebration of love in Western countries – should be renamed “The Prophet Mohammed’s Day,” daily al-Watan reports.

In recent years Valentine’s Day has gained growing popularity among the middle and upper classes in Egypt, but the Muslim students say they want to divest Valentines Day of its consumerist ethos and turn it into a “broader” vision of love for humankind.

“My girlfriends spend a fortune on heaps of useless things on Valentine’s Day, like soft toys, and don’t realise this is not what love is about,” said university student Nurhan.

“I like the idea of making 14 February The Prophet Mohammed’s Day very much,” said 18-year-old Wassem. Together with friends, she is organising a collection of toys to give to orphans.

Independent daily al-Masri al-Yom on Wednesday published a special issue of the paper called “Beautiful Egypt” describing episodes of altruism and kindheartedness by ordinary Egyptian citizens.

“We have published this issue for ordinary people – not their government. We wanted for once to open people’s eyes to the beautiful things in this country, because in these times we need to give people hope for the future.”

There was no shortage of red Valentines Day roses however, as well as “I love You” puppets and teddy-bears of varying size and price on sale in Egyptian shops on Wednesday.

And, you could feel the love in India.

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