Gunman Opens Fire at Utah Mall! Several Deaths Reported

Update: Astute Bloggers reports 18 year old Bosnian Muslim refugee, Sulejman Talovic, is named killer!

The Salt Lake Tribune reports that 6 are dead and two men are in critical condition after being transferred to the hospital.

Salt Lake City ABC4 has video of the news conference.
The shooter has not yet been identified.

A Salt Lake City Police officer squats with his gun drawn next to a body inside the Trolley Square Mall, Monday night, Feb 12, 2007, in Salt Lake City. (AP Photo/Deseret Morning News, Mike Terry)

At least 6 people are dead in the attack on shoppers in Salt Lake City.
AP reports:

A man with a shotgun entered a shopping mall and began randomly shooting customers Monday night, killing five people and injuring at least four others before being killed, police said.

More than three hours later, police still were searching stores for shocked shoppers and employees who were hunkered down awaiting a safe escort from the Trolley Square mall.

“We have six fatalities and multiple victims at hospitals,” police Detective Robin Snyder said. “They were found throughout the mall. I don’t know male or female or ages.”

Another unconfirmed report suggests there may be as many as twelve victims. –ABC4

People who were inside the Trolley Square Mall when a gunman opened fire gather outside the mall in Salt Lake City, Monday, Feb. 12, 2007. (AP Photo/Steve C. Wilson) CBS also has video from the scene.

Lindsay Sharifi holds her neice, Madeline Bayly, 4, they were in the mall when the shootings occurred. (Rick Egan/The Salt Lake Tribune)

Utah blogger Free Constitution has a roundup from the local media.

UPDATE: Sweetness and Light reports that the killer was a young Bosnian, Solejman Talovic, from the Salt Lake City community.
Hat Tip Andy Stewart

Sulejman, a Muslim name, is common in Bosnia. Muslim Sulejman Tihić was a member of the tripartite Presidency of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

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