Father of Salt Lake Mall Killer Believes Son Was Trained (Video)

The father and aunt of Salt Lake City mall killer, Sulejman Talovic, spoke with News Channel 5 KSL.com in Salt Lake.

They are concerned that someone they do not know was influencing the young man to commit the horrible crimes.
They want the FBI to investigate.
(Video-1:22 minutes)

KSL.com posted the full interview HERE.
The family thinks someone trained their son to use weapons and influenced him to commit the murders.

Sulejman gunned down five innocent shoppers in a Salt Lake City mall on Monday February 12, 2007.

Salt Lake City mall killer, Sulejmen Talovic (KUTV)
Charles Johnson reported this news earlier from KSL.com:


The father of Trolley Square shooter Sulejmen Talovic apologizes over and over for the ordeal. Suljo Talovic says no one who knew his son saw this coming, and he believes someone pushed him to do it.

Suljo Talovic doesn’t know where his son got the guns or how he learned how to use them.

Suljo Talovic, Father of Shooter: “Somebody got (the guns)…and maybe (they were) training him and tell(ing) him (to), ‘go shoot somebody.'”

Question: So you think that somebody influenced him maybe to do this?

Suljo Talovic: “Yeah. I think somebody.”

Police are still investigating where Sulejman got his guns.

Suljo Talovic believes someone was controlling his son’s mind. (KSL.com)
KSL.com has more from their TV interview with the father and aunt:

Suljo believes something or someone was controlling his son’s mind and he wants police to look into that possibility.

Suljo: “I think this Suljemen did. I think somebody (is) behind him, I think, but I am not sure.

KSL: What kind of person do you think that may have been?

Suljo: No good. I don’t know he’s not good.

KSL: But you think somebody had influence over him?

Suljo: He not tell me nothing. Maybe this guy is in Trolley Square looking at how he died. I think so.”

Gunman Opens Fire at Utah Mall! Several Deaths Reported

Debbie Schlussel reports that investigators did not confiscate Sulejman’s computer.
Charles Johnson has more questions.

Update 2: Dan Riehl reports on a disinformation campaign in progress on the mall slaughter.

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