Democrats Unionize & Outsource National Security

Democrats are wanting to expand union membership by slipping it into the national security apparatus:

Democrats figure they owe Big Labor for helping them take Congress, and now comes the payback. Tucked away in House and Senate bills that purport to implement the recommendations of the 9/11 Commission is a provision that the Commission most assuredly did not recommend: collective bargaining rights for the Transportation Safety Administration’s 43,000 airport screeners.

“[S]o far the press corps has barely noticed.”

This is the same piece of legislation where democrats moved to hand over responsibility for a critical national security program to the United Nations!
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This week the Employee Free Choice Act (see ad running in the sidebar this week) will be discussed in Congress. Labor leaders are backing the proposal that will make it easier for workers to unionize and to penalize companies that aggressively attempt to halt such efforts.


The enactment of the EFCA will mean that private employers will be
confronted with a wave of union organizing activity the likes of which
have been unknown during the unions’ lethargic complacency of the past
several years. Employers in all industries must prepare themselves now if
they value their freedom to operate their businesses without the
interference of outside financial, political and governmental interests.
And all citizens who value individual liberty in the workplace must
contact their representatives in Washington and urge them not to support
the EFCA.
The Union-Free Employer blogspot has more on maintaining a union free employee environment.
More on the “Employee Free Choice Act” HERE.

Update: The Examiner’s Bryan O’Keefe has more on this tainted democratic bill.

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