Charlie Hebdo Magazine Gets Sued For Insulting Muslims in France

Two Muslim groups in France are suing the weekly magazine Charlie-Hebdo over a cover they published last year that the group claims is insulting to Muslims.

Here is that magazine cover:

The French Paper Charlie-Hebdo bears the headline “Mohammed stressed out by the fundamentalists” and a cartoon of the prophet in tears uttering the words “It’s hard to be loved by fools.” (AFP)
(This is from a previous post last year during the cartoon riots.)

The BBC reports this morning:


Two French Muslim groups have begun a lawsuit in a Paris court against magazine Charlie Hebdo over cartoons satirising the Prophet Muhammad.
The groups say the magazine “insulted people on the basis of religion” in a case seen as a test of free speech.

Charlie Hebdo reprinted Danish cartoons that provoked a violent backlash in the Muslim world a year ago.

The newspaper Liberation republished the cartoons on Wednesday in solidarity with the magazine.

But the Union of French Islamic Organisations and the Paris Grand Mosque said Charlie Hebdo’s decision to publish the cartoons “was part of a considered plan of provocation aimed against the Islamic community in its most intimate faith”.

Those same Muslim groups will probably not go for this cover, either:

“Charlie Hebdo must be veiled!” says the cover of the magazine. (BBC)

Aljazeera has more on the trial that opens today.

Several members of the staff of Charlie Hebdo were put under police protection because of threats last year after the magazine was published.

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Update: No Charges for Charlie Hebdo

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