AP Spins for Cut and Run Democrats

This is just so typical anymore. The Associated Press headlines the news tonight on the current Iraq resolution debate:
Republicans block Senate debate on Iraq

The BBC joins in…
Republicans block Iraq war debate

Meanwhile, back in reality, it’s the Democrats who want to cut debate short.

* The Democrats position is that debate should be ended and a vote taken on the resolution. By opposing cloture, the Republicans are actually keeping debate open.

* Democrats want to prevent resolutions from being considered. Republicans want to keep debate open to force Democrats to consider and debate other resolutions.

The AP is spinning for Democrats on their vote to end debate and move to the vote.
And, Good for Senate Republicans!

Meanwhile… Via Instapundit, The New York Times reports defeat in a crushing Allied Forces win.
More on that disgusting report by the NY Times here.

A Second Hand Conjecture has more on the AP spin.

Update: QandO blog has more on the media’s spin on the Senate resolution.

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