Another Grim Milestone Watch in the War on Terror

Sadly, after nearly five and a half years of waging war in Iraq and Afghanistan, the US is approaching nearly half the total military losses as during the Clinton years.

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US losses in Iraq and Afghanistan today (3525) are approaching the half way mark (3750) of the military losses during the Clinton years.

During the Clinton years, the US military lost an average of 939 soldiers each year and a total of 7500 military personnel. During the War in Iraq the US has lost an average of 800 soldiers each year- down each of the last two years and a total of 3525 military personnel in the fighting in Iraq and Afghanistan.


This grim milestone is nearly half of the total military losses as during the Clinton years.

These results were taken from Iraq Coalition Casualties, and Murdoc Online – the Official Department of Defense Report.
(February 25, 2006)

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