Al Qaeda Leaders Say They Will Target Prince Harry in Iraq!

Prince Harry was “over the moon” at the news yesterday that his unit would be deployed for 6 months to Iraq.- BBC

** But, Al Qaeda has already put out warnings!!
“Wanted: Dead or Alive!”

** The BBC has a wonderful video HERE of Harry talking about being deployed to Iraq.

Prince Harry crouches during an exercise in the UK in this file picture shot November 2005 and released January 25, 2006. Prince Harry’s regiment looks set to be heading for Iraq and the third-in-line to the throne could be the first royal to see combat in 25 years. Picture shot November 2005 and released January 25, 2006. (REUTERS)


Yesterday, a former boxer and moonbat was held after he staged a protest about Prince Harry being sent to fight in the Iraq war.

World Net Daily is reporting today that Al Qaeda is personally targeting Prince Harry while he is deployed to southern Iraq:

Osama bin Laden personally has targeted Iraq-bound Prince Harry, saying he is wanted “dead or alive,” says an exclusive breaking report today in Joseph Farah’s G2 Bulletin.

Code-breakers for MI6, Britain’s external intelligence agency, have cracked al-Qaida’s secret communications system and discovered Prince Harry is named as a prime target for the terror network when he goes on active service to Iraq.

The MI6 code-breakers also have discovered the first real evidence in over a year that bin Laden is alive and personally has authorized the capture of the young prince – third in line to the throne – “dead or alive.”

The phrase is a chilling echo of that used by President Bush about bin Laden after 9/11.

There is also much speculation to which Iraqi province Harry will be assigned.

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