A Little History For Barak on "Bush's Allies On Other Side of World"

Barak Obama may not be willing to attack Al Qaeda in Iraq but he lashed out at America’ staunchest ally in attacking the leader of Australia for something the world already knew…

That pulling out of Iraq would be a HUGE win for terrorists and America’s enemies.

Sadly, John Howard did not say anything (Video HERE) that Al Qaeda has not already said about democrats and elections.

Australian Prime Minister John Howard hasdefended the size of Australia’s troop deployment in Iraq after a stinging rebuke from White House hopeful Barack Obama, calling Canberra’s contribution “appropriate”. Howard sparked the dispute on Sunday when he said that Obama’s plan to get US troops out of Iraq by March 31 next year would seal a US defeat and be welcomed as a victory by terrorists.(AFP/Mandel Ngan)


Here is something Barak Obama may want to think about the next time he attacks Australia for being “George Bush’s allies on the other side of the world”:

Most of all, we value loyalty given and loyalty gained – the concept of mateship runs deep within the Australian character.

We cherish and where necessary will fight to preserve the liberties we both hold so dear.

Australian and American forces fought together for the first time in the Battle of Hamel, in France, in World War I.

The date of the attack – the 4th of July 1918 – was deliberately chosen by the Australian Commander, General John Monash, to honour your countrymen.

From that moment to this, we’ve been able to count on each other when it has mattered most.

Australians will never forget the crucial help Americans gave us during World War II.

Successive generations of Australians and Americans have fought side by side in every major conflict of the twentieth century – in the jungles of New Guinea, in Korea, in Vietnam, in the Gulf, in skies and oceans around the globe and now, in another century, among the rock-strewn mountains of Afghanistan.

The ANZUS Treaty of 1951 pledged each country to come to the aid of the other if it were under attack.

And so it was that in a US Airforce plane made available for my return to Australia on 12 September and high above the Pacific that I informed the US Ambassador Tom Schieffer travelling with me our intention was that, for the first time in its fifty year history, Australia would invoke the ANZUS Treaty.

America was under attack. Australia was immediately there to help.

This address was delivered by Prime Minister John Howard to a joint session of Congress on June 12, 2002.

America, not just President George Bush, has no better ally than Australia!

Pajamas Media has more on Howard and Obama.

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