Zapatero Says the ETA Bombing Was an "Accident"

Back on December 29, 2006, Prime Minister Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero announced he had great confidence in the “progress made” with the ETA terror organization:

“I have the conviction that things are better for us with terrorism than five years ago and that in a year’s time things would be better for us.”

The Next day an ETA bomb left 2 people dead at Barajas airport in Madrid from a massive bomb blast.

Zapatero has referred to the bombing as an “accident” twice since the terrorist attack killed two innocents in Madrid.


The opposition responded to Zapatero today by saying, “Supporting you in the fight against terrorism is suicide.”

It’s not like Zapatero was not warned…
Not only did the ETA terrorists state in September that they will not lay down its arms until the region gains independence, but up to a million Spaniards rallied in Madrid in June 2006 warning Zapatero about negotiating with the terror group.

Despite the attack in December and prior warnings, Zapatero did not rule out future talks with ETA on Monday in his first parliamentary appearance since the bombings.

On Tuesday January 9, 2006 the ETA terror organization warned of new attacks but “insisted that a ceasefire declared by ETA in March last year still holds.”

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