Was the AP Getting Played By Jamil Hussein?

Jamil Hussein… What’s in a name?
More on the Jamil Hussein, Gulaim, Ghlaim, Ghdaad… Story.

So, what’s in a name anyway?

Iraqi American Haider Ajina takes a close look at the unauthorized AP source behind reported incidents of violence throughout Baghdad and wanted by Iraqi authorities for questioning.

Haider Ajina explains a little background on the name “Jamil” in Iraqi society:

Greetings Jim,

The male name Jamil does exist but is rare. In my schools K through 11 in Iraq there was only one Jamil. The name means beautiful and is the masculine version of the name Jamilah which is feminine. The male name Jamal which means beauty is also very rare but does exist. These names are not scandalous but could be embarrassing for the boy or later man.

I have never met a boy named Sue in my 25 years in the US. However I have met men with the name Lynn, Claire, Lesley, Kelly etc.
Jamal & Jamil are even rarer in Iraq.

In Iraqi culture names such as Jamal, Jamil, Bgheet, Almas, Behjet etc.. Tend to be in families of Arabs who have immigrated from Central Africa or former Abyssinia……

Haider Ajina

Tonight, I get this followup from Iraqi-American Haider Ajina:

Greetings Jim,

I first read that Jamil’s last name or middle name (this is usually his fathers name for family identification Jamil son of Gulaim then the last name etc..) and started laughing. It is almost like one of those joke names.

Gulaim or Gulam are names, which were given to boy slaves or boys born into slavery often if not always black boys. This of course does not exist any more. The names literally mean boy Gulaim means ‘cute little boy’ sort of like putting the ‘ita’ at the end of a word in Spanish like ‘Senorita’. Later until the fifties the name was often used for boy servants often orphans…

This makes it an even more peculiar name. Still possible. His father names his son Jamil, Thus Jamil Gulam means “Pretty Boy”.

Now unless it is a family tradition, I would never do that to any of my Sons.

It could be that an Iraqi is playing a huge joke on AP.

Jamil Hussein, Gulaim, Ghlaim, Ghdaad, etc… a joke?
It wouldn’t be the first time that a radical Islamist with an agenda did this sort of thing.

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