Warrant Out For AP's Unauthorized Source, Jamil Hussein

Dan Riehl reports that there is warrant out for the arrest of Jamil Hussein the noted AP source on violence in Iraq according to the New York Times.

It was nice to see the New York Times finally report on this dubious source who has fed several violent stories to the Associated Press with most of the stories appearing only in AP reports.

More Jamil Hussein filler…
Beto Ochoa brought up the point in a comment in an earlier post about how rare it is to run into a Jamil in Iraq.


Haider Ajina adds this:

Greetings Jim,
The male name Jamil does exist but is rear. In my schools K through 11 in Iraq there was only one Jamil. The name means beautiful and is the masculine version of the name Jamilah which is feminine. The male name Jamal which means beauty is also very rear but does exist. These names are not scandalous but could be embarrassing for the boy or later man.

I have never met a boy named Sue in my 25 years in the US. However I have met men with the name Lynn, Claire, Lesley, Kelly etc. Jamal & Jamil are rarer.

In Iraqi culture names such as Jamal, Jamil, Bgheet, Almas, Behjet etc.. Tend to be in families of Arabs who have immigrated from Central Africa or former Abyssinia……


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