Turkish Official: CIA and Mossad Behind Hrant Dink Murder

Finally, Turkish officials get to the bottom of the horrible murder this past weekend…
A Turkish party minister blamed the CIA and Mossad for the murder of journalist Hrant Dink.
Panarmenian News reported this news earlier today:

Sevket Kazan, Deputy of the Saadet Party (SP) of Turkey, argued that the CIA and Mossad planned and organized the murder of Armenian Turkish journalist Hrant Dink. “The boys were used in Trabzon and in Sisli attacks and murders, but the real murderer are the CIA and the Mossad” he said.

Sevket Kazan further continued in his Diyarbakir speech: “Armenian journalist Hrant Dink is a victim of an assassination. Of course, it is an event to be condemned…. Both a priest in Trabzon and Dink were killed by boys under 18. The CIA and the Mossad are behind all these murders, yet they use domestic tools for these crimes. Their main aim is to destabilize Turkey.”

Of course! It all makes sense now!

The murder was planned four months prior to the event.

Sabah reports that Yasin Hayal’s mother said: “He had bombed some place I do not know. Then we thought he became well behaved. Now, this incident came up.”
Guess not, huh?


Yasin Hayal chose another youth to murder journalist Hrant Dink but his parents opposed the idea(?)
Hurriyet reported:

Yasin Hayal, the man now suspected of giving the orders to 17 year old Ogun Samast to murder journalist Hrant Dink, had in fact previously chosen a different candidate for carrying out the act, but had met with resistance from first young man’s family.

Hayal, who himself had served 10 months in prison for the bombing of a McDonald’s restaurant in Trabzon, has been known recently for gathering young Trabzon youth around him and leading them in activities such as rifle practice. His ultra-nationalist rhetoric focused on what he perceived as “enemies of the state,” and he told the disaffected youth who spent time with him that it was “their duty” to see to the punishment of those who “insulted Turkey.”

Yasin Hayal has a website he was working on here (Not in English).

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