Tunagate Update: Barney Frank Freaks on Floor

After passing their minimum wage legislation earlier this week the Washington Times noted that that Speaker Pelosi exempted hometown companies from minimum wage increases by passing legislation that excluded American Samoa. Her husband is reported to be a major stockholder in Del Monte, one of the hometown companies in question.

Representative Barney Frank, the ranting lunatic with the gavel, lambasts Republican Patrick McHenry for asking questions about exempting American Samoa from the stem-cell bill — a clear dig at the fact that Samoa, which is home to tuna factories that employ nearly 75% of the island’s work force, was conspicuously exempt from the minimum-wage bill but included all other American Territories. (via HotAir & YouTube)
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Obviously, Barney Frank did not appreciate the Republican questioning.

The Minimum Wage bill, passed in the House on Wednesday January 10, 2006, includes a provision to raise the minimum wage in the Northern Marianas by 50 cents every six months until it catches up with the newly proposed federal minimum wage. The current minimum wage in the Northern Marianas is $3.05 an hour, over $2 less an hour than the current federal minimum wage. (Via The Blotter)


That same democratic bill passed on Wednesday will keep wages in American Samoa at $3.21 an hour in the American Samoa.

RedState has much more on this fishy story.

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